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EchoCuba recognizes the value of learning first-hand about life in Cuba, and the limitations, challenges, and obstacles faced by its people. EchoCuba will provide unique opportunities for US-based churches to learn about the growing but suffering Christian Church in Cuba. In partnerships we walk together and in this companionship the face of Christ is revealed to us. Executing events such as Cuba Nights, allow us to encourage unity in spirit and service to share and to spread the light and love of God in Cuba. Through events like Cuba Nights, we not only learn about ourselves, we learn to walk in light and in God’s truth.
Cuba Nights
Cuba Nights encourage and help connect Christians- people and congregations- to the message of the suffering church. Individuals and congregations learn from each other about the spiritual, mental and physical needs in Cuba. Our hope is to provide you an opportunity for your congregation to gain greater understanding of the current life in Cuba. In addition, we hope to increase awareness of your church’s global involvement and how it can directly support the struggle of the independent churches in Cuba.
When most people think of Cuba they tend to think of: food, coffee, and music. Rarely do they consider the issues of religious oppression and poverty. Because of this we’ve developed Cuba Nights: a night full of Cuban food and music designed to educate U.S. churches on the struggles of believers in Cuba.
We know believers in our country want to help, but many don’t know how. By hosting a Cuba Nights, you and your church can get involved and fellowship while doing it! Through Cuba Nights, we seek to unite those who can help with those who need help. So, here’s how to get started:
Get Started
Select dates that work for your church or group.
Select a Team leader to head up communication.
Complete the Submission Form and email it to:
Contact us today to find out how you can get a Cuban nights in a box kit and begin sharing the message with others.
Once you’ve done all of the above, a Cuba Nights' representative will contact you to help you with planning your Cuba Nights!
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