Millions Of Cubans Impacted
Hurricane Sandy made landfall in eastern Cuba with winds over 110 miles per hour. Santiago de Cuba was by far the most affected province in the area. Reports indicate that 37,000 homes were destroyed and more than 137,000 suffered substantial damage. Over 1 million Cubans have been impacted and more than 300,000 persons are scattered. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy many families have been left with no food or water.
Hurricane Sandy has left millions without any homes, food, power or shelter. EchoCuba has partnered with local churches in Santiago de Cuba to provide meals, repair homes, provide clean water and distribute economic aid to those affected by the storm. In partnership with local churches EchoCuba is currently feeding 1,200 victims a day. In addition, EchoCuba is assisting with the rebuilding of 130 homes and 29 church buildings that have suffered severe or ultimate damage. In collaboration with our network of independent churches, we have been able to deliver much needed funds and humanitarian aid to assist those who have lost everything.
Relief Efforts
Our relief efforts have impacted the areas in ways only possible through God, but there is still so much work to be done to help families affected from the Hurricane. Recent evaluation of the damages suffered because of the storm, shows years of rebuilding. Weeks after Sandy made landfall in Cuba, conditions continues to worsen. Infections and diseases, including outbreaks of Cholera, are posing a threat against the victims.
As Christians, we have the responsibility to help those who are hurting. You can play a vital part—and now is the time. Make a donation today. We make a commitment to you that we will use your money in the wisest way possible in order to help the greatest number of people recover from this disaster. If you would like to give specifically to Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts, please donate and select disaster relief.
Please continue to keep the families impacted by the storm in your prayers. EchoCuba is committed in helping rebuild homes, provide meals, and spiritual help to all the victims. You can help us reach more families with the help they desperately need through your support of EchoCuba.